Project Descriptions:

The City of Modesto owns and operates the outlying water system in the community of Del Rio. An assessment of the system was performed and identified key projects to fit the need of the community.

Why the change?

The current Well 271 upon assessment was only producing 50% of its initial production capacity in 1956. The new tank and booster pump station will provide storage and pressure regulation for fire suppression.

Key Project Dates

Del Rio Tank 14, Well 68 and Pump Station Project

  • Start of Construction – February 2019
  • Substantial Completion – Early Spring 2020
  • Final Completion – Summer 2020

Del Rio Well 70, Replacing Well 271 Project

  • Final Plans & Specifications (Anticipated Date: Early March 2019)
  • Project Bid (Anticipated Date: Late March/Early April 2019)
  • Bid Opening (Anticipated Date: Mid May 2019)
  • Construction Start (Anticipated Date: December 2019)
  • Substantial Completion (Anticipated Date: Summer 2020)
  • Final Completion (Late Summer 2020)

Project Location

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